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Any SREMSC Training (webinar, classroom, symposium, etc.) CMEs earned can become additional CMEs by taking the online "Patient Care Outcomes CME Credit" class:

If you find a topic in your training from us--or our affiliates--applies to a patient encounter you have, register for this free Patient Care Outcomes class. Simply fill out the form regarding how the training you received previously did or did not help with a patient encounter where the chief complaint or presentation was relevant to the training topic (or sub-topic of a training) and receive one (1) additional CME.

Multiple patient encounters can be used, generating one or several more credits from reporting on applied training.

HIPAA compliance required as explained in the PDF form you receive when registering.  In short, no patient-specific information is needed for this CME.  "infant, child, adult, or elderly" is sufficient without listing age, and gender is uneccessary unless specific to some aspect of the patient's condition.  No other details (vehicle type, address information, names, etc.) should be provided.

When you register, you will receive an email with a link to a PDF form asking you questions about a patient encounter that you have had where you found some topic, or part of a topic, from trainings we offer was relevant to the chief complaint or patient presentation.  Fill in the PDF form, and return by email to the address you'll receive when you register.  After review, you will receive one CME of credit for each unique patient encounter you register for and document in this way.

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